Always Good Fresh Fish. We have been getting our fish and chips here for a very long time and we are never dissapointed by the freshness and quality of the fish and seafood. The chips are a bit more variable, but when they are good, they are awesome, crunchy and delicious. The staff are young happy and friendly. Very happy to recomend Omega 3

Omega 3 Seafood 5

Best fish and chips I’ve had in a while. Very reminiscent of childhood summers, so it’s just fish and chips, but the best they can be. Great fish souvlaki and the chips are simply moreish.

Omega 3 Seafood 4

Great food, excellent servings, generous servings of chips, well priced, banana fritter was huge and only $1.70. I also had an excellent Stake Burger with the Lot for about 8.00. It is now our favourite fish and chip shops and if you get board with that they do Asian noodle dishes.

Darren Davie
Omega 3 Seafood 5

No idea why the other reviewers had such a bad experience, could be new management but I was getting my tax done a few shops down and decided to grab fish and chips for dinner as it was pretty much the only shop still open on the strip at 8:30pm on a Thursday night.

The service was fine for a takeaway fish and chip shop, the staff were friendly, polite and able to adjust my order accordingly.
I ordered the fisherman pack and added 2 dim sims and asked for grilled fish, which was normally $15 but they hadn’t 20% off deal and I didn’t even know so when she charged me less, I thought she made a mistake at first but she explained they had a promotion on for the month, which was nice to have honoured even though I was unaware of it.

The calamari was really nice, crispy and not chewy. The grilled fish was fresh and cooked in a light batter, the battered prawns were a nice addition, the dims sims were excellent and the chips were ok, the only downside was the amount of chips that was included in the pack, equivalent to half a cup.

Will be getting fish and chips from here onwards.

Wayne And Cassandra
Omega 3 Seafood 4

Didn’t try everything on the menu but had some fish and chips and they were really nice, the food didn’t feel overly greasy and tasted like they were cooked in clean oil. Will go back.

Omega 3 Seafood 5